Autocamper Stop.


The square includes following facilities::


There is currently one electric pole with outlet for 4 camper, max 10A.
The outlets are located in the hedge to the north of the square.


Water for filling the camper is available immediately at the entrance into the square. Located in the hedge.


WiFi connection is available from the access point located on the mast. The signal strength is top notch all over the place.
A code must be used to log on to the network. You get the code at arrival.

Pavilion with grill:

Use the pavilion with coal grill facility.


Should you be tempted by a swim in the lakes, whether it is to be cooled, or just a little exercise, use the lake to the west / forest, this is suitable for it. There is a staircase down into the water.
There is no hot water, but it is possible to owe from the cold water tap