The Quick Stop is sited on the triangle between Overpriced, the hedge into the garden and a pine stand to the southwest.

The site is grass covered.

In very wet periods, and by excessive rainfall, one must be careful to stay on the land in the immediate vicinity of the hedge and driveway. Especially if you do not have wide tires with good traction.

After arriving at the site, and after you have decided to stay here overnight, completed fee envelope found in the "mailbox" set up for the same.

The completed envelope with the calculated fee to be returned to the "mailbox".

There is a basic amount that covers the RV and the following amenities:

· Electricity for basic light / charging and refrigerated.

· Water and water filling.

· WiFi access.

The use of electricity for heating and air conditioning costs further.
Fee: DKR 75, - /
10 per night.

Autocamper— Stop


Autocamper Stop.